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Mazovian Cluster of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Financing Competence Centre

Mazowiecki Klaster Efektywności Energetycznej i Odnawialnych Źródeł Energii

Cluster Objectives

Mazovia Energy Agency has established the Mazovia Energy Cluster to improve energy efficiency in the Region, creating a platform of cooperation for public institutions, local governments, business and R&D.


The main objectives of the cluster are:

  • strengthening competitiveness of the region,
  • increasing competitiveness of enterprises,
  • improving information flow between science and business,
  • promotion of energy-wise behavior,
  • reduction of harmful impact on the environment,
  • providing services to increase energy efficiency,
  • strengthening co-operation between local/regional government, universities and research centers and business sector,
  • popularization of pro-ecological behavior,
  • promotion of Mazovia Region as a place of effective investment,
  • improving energy safety of Mazovia Region,
  • promoting RES investments,
  • increasing the number of students at technical studies (with energy faculties).
  • Types of activities

There are two important factors that contribute to the success of the cluster - first, a wide variety of activities taken by each cluster member and second, support of external institutions and organizations.


Basic activities of the cluster are as follows:

  • preparation and organization of marketing activities promoting energy efficiency and RES,
  • promotion of energy efficiency know how to the end-users and organization of trainings, conferences and seminars,
  • implementation of financial support for activities taken in the field of energy efficiency and RES,
  • elaboration of standards for energy monitoring systems (smart metering),
  • monitoring of energy use in public institutions,
  • setting up information and consultation centers advising on energy efficiency and RES.


Major outputs

  • marketing projects promoting energy efficiency and RES,
  • marketing strategy presenting activity of cluster members,
  • conferences, workshops and seminars,
  • publications (brochures and handbooks),
  • info-centre (energy efficiency and RES),
  • cluster website.


Sources of funding

It is indispensable to secure stable financing at each stage of the cluster development, consequently it might be in a form of:

  • financial contribution of cluster members,
  • EU and national grants,
  • income from services provided by the cluster,
  • donations.