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Mazovian Cluster of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Sources

Energy Financing Competence Centre

Mazowiecki Klaster Efektywności Energetycznej i Odnawialnych Źródeł Energii

Clusters History

Mazovia Energy Agency looking for new solutions regarding the share of renewable energy sources in the overall energy balance of Mazovia and reserves inherent in the effective implementation of tools improving energy efficiency, at the beginning of 2011 began work on establishing the Mazovian Cluster of Energy Efficiency and RES. The cluster is perceived as a platform for links between government and local government units, business and R&D institutions serving this purpose.

On May 20, 2011, an agreement was signed - an agreement between the founding entities establishing the Mazovian Cluster of Energy Efficiency and RES.

The organizational form of the Cluster is a consortium of entities - members of the Cluster with the Cluster Coordinator – Mazovia Energy Agency.

The E-FIX project, financed by the Horizon 2020 program, opened a new chapter in the activity of the Mazovian Cluster of Energy Efficiency and RES as the Energy Financing Competence Centre, i.e. contact point for practitioners, energy project developers and potential investors searching for appropriate energy financing mechanisms. Cluster will provide expertise regarding:

  • feasibility of energy project investments for both investors and investees,
  • adequate risk assessment and certainty in using innovative financing mechanism.

By matching investor and investee requirements regarding energy project financing, the Center will support increase in the number of successfully implemented energy projects.